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As we know, it is getting harder and harder to reach your ideal client organically via social media. 
 It's no surprise to us that email marketing is seeing a huge comeback.
We have been consistently marketing using email since Jeanne started her business back in 2007. In fact, now we won't take on a client unless email marketing is part of their overall strategy.
"Email delivers the highest ROI for marketers."
We are excited for the opportunity to help you leverage email marketing to grow your business or to help your clients grow their business - 
just like we have done with hundreds of other entrepreneurs since 2007!
Learn the 9 Key Steps to Unlocking The Power of Email Marketing
By downloading the guide, you'll learn:
How to Build a List
If you have not yet started your contact list for email marketing, you may have just stopped before you even started! 

Don't worry. We'll show you how you can start your audience without even having your first client.
Choose an Email Service
If you have looked into this, you'll already know that there are a LOT of services out there to choose from! But which one is right for you? 

In this section, we will tell you what you need to know to make the right decision for your business.
Create/Curate Content
What should you send out to your audience? Where do you find the content? What kind of content should you create? and how? 

You will receive a ton of resources, ideas and inspiration to find just the right content for your audience.

...and much, much more!

Why is this guide important to growing your business?

Chasing business every week without a strategy isn’t going to help you grow your business effectively.

Not consistently staying in touch with important referral partners, past clients 
and prospective clients isn’t going to help you much, either.

These 9 simple steps will help you effectively utilize email marketing 
so you can finally see the growth and results you deserve! 

 The bigger you grow your list and the more effectively and consistently you reach out to your contacts, 
the more positive impact you can have in their life and in your bottom line! 

Are you ready?

That's not all...
Grab the guide, and we'll also teach you:
Keys to 
Great Subject Lines
The Magic of Setting up the perfect template
Creating a Content Calendar That Works
Simple Ways 
to Grow 
Your List 
About Kirsten & Jeanne
Hello, we're Kirsten & Jeanne and we're thrilled you're here!

We've been helping female, service-based entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses 
using Email Marketing for over 15 years and 
we are excited to help you do the same!

This proven strategy has been shown time and time again to deliver amazing results... 
so get the guide now and get started! 
We so look forward to hearing about your amazing results! 

Who has this worked for? Here's one of our clients...
"I started building my email marketing list just over 2 years ago. I currently have almost 800 people there now. For the first six months I did a monthly newsletter and then I switched to a 
once a week email. 

Not only do I constantly get compliments on my emails but it has been an essential part of helping me triple my income!

~ Jacqueline

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